Here Are Our 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Singapore in 2019?

In Today’s Trip advice Akhtar travels brings you a “Global metropolis” that visitors get to enjoy a thrilling annual line-up of art festivals, music extravaganzas and sporting events. No matter the time of the year you’re visiting, you’re bound to find a festivity to fuel your passion. That is…

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Do you see?

Do you see ? The continuity of Hues Of reds ,greens and blues And within these fuzzy ques Are hidden all clues Of His existence! your heart will solely witness Of what it holds inside The eternal Bliss And the divine Noor To whom belongs All colours and Hues Do you see ? -Wajeeha Dilshad […]

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The Forgotten City

I left behind All way long So many places And some people Seems like it’s been ages Dust on paths Removed all marks But my heart leans back To the forgotten city Of those people and places But O dear Heart, Alas! How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot The world forgetting by the world […]

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The Lost History

Within me I can see The lost history. The abandoned Humans The lost souls In the midst of Oblivion, Some times I see A Grieved Old man Mourning the fate Of his successors. I heard all voices That were shun down. And Enforced deceptive lies. And all buried Truths. I Witnessed the stories Of shredded […]

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Stampede Dream

Run, run and run!Under the unfriendly scorching sunOver the grumpy bumpy roadsNo matter if it rains or snows.Move, move and move!Like a stream cutting mounts and slopesUp and down back and forthKeep rolling, rolling and rolling!Like a pendulum bobAnd there is no stop,Until you wave the last.Mourn, mourn and mourn!And now shun your screamAs It’s […]

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Bygone memories of 2018

Travelling is out of routine kind of thing, full of adventures and enthusiasm but when you got to travel on daily basis over bumpy roads of Pindi and Islamabad with a head full of chaos instead of mindful thoughts, then it becomes no less than a horrible nightmare. Anyway Last night I came back home […]

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A virtual trip to Cabo de Palos

Here is another addition to my mapping stuff. Cabo de Palos antique map printed on this mighty mug. I never bought any of these as I’m not a shopping freak, Moreover, people around me are more map-obsessed than me HaHa!So my twin mate Amna gifted this mug with an antique and classic map of Cabo […]

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“The Pulp of Grapefruit “

Somewhere outside the physical reality of this world, I was devising impractical and silly approaches in my mind to solve my problems, while cleaning up the mess around myself. In the midst of this, I was interrupted by a voice coming from the drawing room.”Come here Wajeeha, I have something to show you”. I hurriedly […]

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Wow! It’s November! time flies so fast. Especially when everything is so much messed up. Anyway, part of Life. Life? Well, something that is totally unpredictable and everything in it is unreliable. No one knows what’s coming ahead. We have developed latest technologies to predict what might happen the very next day, even with a […]

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Into the Bazaar

Into the bazaar, Huge voices coming afar Vendors and hawkers all around Calling out loud; “Come here Sister and Just look! “Babloo” bananas and juicy apples Sister! that must be one of your staples“ I passed by looking over food stalls Heading on next and pondering on calls Enormous vegetables and fruits Of different sizes, […]

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“Falling in the Fall”

Hello, world! I have been thinking of capturing some cool autumn photographs for this Autumn blog post but here I am posting this hello October greeting in a python interface. -Weird! Right! But its kinda thematic, as right now, I am like an autumn leaf accumulated with horrifying pythonistic nightmares that have fallen down in […]

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I’m right and, You are also right! Right is right Right? Still there is something that Isn’t really right. Alright! One is Your Truth And one is mine Truth is truth That’s True? Which truth is truly true? Your’s or mine? Not yours ! Not even mine But Our truth Is the One and Only […]

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