Beyond Independence

So it's 14th of August ,A historic day for our beloved homeland "Pakistan", As the countdown starts ,dizzying display of fireworks fill up the sky in Lahore ,Karachi ,Islamabad and in different cities of Pakistan .And the celebrations begin with such a wonderful view and national Anthem being played in the background (I haven't seen... Continue Reading →


Still Young and Alive

Pitter Patter! Raindrops Shatter. As she hesitantly strikes, The floor with her wrinkled feet. Gazing at furious clouds above, Those weary eyes could feel. Her very own juvenile self, Deep down in heart, Still young and alive. (Wajeeha Dilshad)

Book Review” The Happiest Woman in the World”

The pursuit of happiness or the idea of just being happy is something that concerns all of us.Sadly we relate our happiness with worldly things .We want everything in life with 100% perfection.And when this doesn’t happen ,we start comparing our lives with others ,sometimes we let the society do this for us .It took... Continue Reading →

The dirt in the Air

The dirt in the air Here and there roaming in despair Clouded with a droplet rushing in mist The waterdrop screamed on sudden hit Oh, nasty dirt! how do you dare? To take away my form all crystal clear Pardon me I lost my place; the dirt replied Once I was on land with all... Continue Reading →

Best of CAAP Moments

"In the Name of Allah ,  the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful" Our Non- Profit  Social campaign "Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention"that we started few months ago, Alhamdulillah! Up till now we have covered major schools from our hometown "Sarai Alamgir "here is a map that I designed to show our campaign progress. Some travel snapshots we... Continue Reading →


Cartography is ancient art and science of map making. Throughout the ages, maps are being used as a tool for trade, exploration and for developing strategies for military, states and empires expansion. Eratosthenes (Greek)Ptolemy(Roman), Muhammad Al –Idrisi & Peri Reis(Muslims) are among the most renounced map makers from the past. they developed different techniques and... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview With Hum Sub Tv Regarding Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention

Two weeks ago , I received a call from one of my old school friend "Rimsha" who is working as assistant producer/Media person in a web-based media channel "HumSub.Tv" located in the heart of Islamabad City .She told me over telephonic conversation that her channel wants us to come in their show ,as I ,my ... Continue Reading →

Journey to the core of Mind

  Ever realized why you couldn’t get out of bed early in the morning? You turn off ringing alarm or leave it on snooze. Then you walk inside your kitchen to treat yourself with a healthy breakfast, meanwhile figuring out in mind to fill up your platter with fruits and all good veggies and guess... Continue Reading →

Child Protection and safeguarding;Everybody’s Business,Everybody’s Concern, Everybody’s Responsibility.

In article 1 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC): “every human being below the age of 18 years unless, under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier.” The definition of violence is that of article 19 of the CRC: “all forms of physical or mental violence, injury and... Continue Reading →

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