Do you see?-II

I asked thyself

a thousand times

why these hues ,

Of reds, greens and blues

keeps me inbound ,

and makes me whirl along it’s sound

round and round ?

As ,I’m neither saint nor dervish

I declare ,I know nothing

but these hues behold clues

Of His existence

And your Heart will solely witness

Of what it holds inside

The eternal bliss

And the divine noor

To whom belongs

All colors and hues?

Do you see?

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Wajeeha Dilshad

The Friendliest Enthusiast in the Coffee Shop

Near a coffee shop in the Ru de Forum, he sat quietly at the corner of the street ,looking at the flickering stars over the dark blanket of night, nearby buildings ,people ,and the antique yellow lanterns in the cafe which added more beauty to the visual contrast of the dreamy night in his imagination . He murmured”the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.” , and straightway painted the scene with the intensifying and contrasting yellow -orange and violet -blue strokes. He is no one but the most famous Dutch Painter “Van Gogh “. The man who fell in love with the starry nights and stars .

Van Gogh’s Painting ” The café terrace “

The most enthusiastic painter in the History who devoted his life for his passion of painting .

I was scrolling over facebook and I saw a writing prompt post by Writer’s Write .The prompt generator derives title from the zodiac sign , name initial and date of birth .Ain’t it a fun way of generating writing prompt? Haha !

Well what I got out of it is “The Friendliest Enthusiast in a Coffee Shop” This writing prompt reminded of Van Gogh’s famous painting on which I was experimenting to paint few days ago. So, I thought to write about this painting. And according to me, it is justified to call Van Gogh as “The Friendliest Enthusiast in the Coffee shop”. Friendliest Expositor of Nature ,life, people. and the most bold and enthusiastic Painter , who never failed to bring life in the static objects on canvas through his unique painting style.

I like this painting a lot because of it’s beautiful use of contrasting colors and of course the splendid night view portrayed wonderfully .

I loved the darker part of the painting with buildings and starry sky .

Here is what I’ve tried to replicate a part of it behind the coffee shop .

share your views of what you think about this friendliest enthusiast .

Happy Blogging

Wajeeha Dilshad

Presenting “PILES of Clay” |Now open for Sale

Tiny, rounded ,carefully crafted beads of soil laid upon each other along the seedbeds .And some sandy mounted hilly structures that you might have seen in your home garden. Yes, I”m talking about the natural structures built up by the most underestimated architects of nature casually named as “Ants”

A photo of piled up soil beads taken by me along the seedbed in my house. .

You might be wondering why I am writing about these ant nests and soil structures? Well ! Lets break the curiosity in your head .

These ant beads and mounted sandy hills grabbed the attention of a ceramic design student from SADA- University of Gujrat .Huda Amjad keenly observed and studied these peculiar structures and came up with an idea of creating unique ceramic home decor items and organic planters.

Her thesis work “PILES OF CLAY “received huge recognition and hits.

Ant Hill Decor Master Pieces

Organic Planters

Her work is alive on web and is ON SALE Now!

For pricing and more Information ,visit her official Ceramic design website at ” Piles of Clay ” or simply comment your queries below .

Happy blogging!

Wajeeha Dilshad


From a long time, I am trying to assemble the broken pieces of my heart. It is no more same as before. Layer by layer it has gone through series of transformations. With each raising wave, every incident devastating or pleasant, each person either nice or cynical and by fortunate or unfortunate my all skimped dreams and desires unknowingly reshaped it wholly. I never knew it’s working wonders inside; that all this destruction is building up something extra ordinary in a very ordinary way. But at the same time, it has destroyed the very own part of me which I never imagined of losing. Without my consent, it turned me up into an individual unknown to myself. The noises that always made me scream out loud doesn’t bother me anymore. I have learned the artsy of assembling the pieces into mosaics. I still don’t know what I am becoming and maybe I might never figure that out. Neither do I know the extent of unbotheredness. All I know is that It will keep on expanding, shrinking and fragmenting and I will keep on mosaic-king until it breaks apart. That will be the loudest noise breaking all noises inside my head and everyone would be screaming out loud except my unbothered self.  

Author: Wajeeha Dilshad

Art by Iqra Tehreem

That Broken Sandal

“Oh No! I never got this much late ” She anxiously thought while checking on her cell phone’s home screen clock that stuck 12: 00 Am. Walking through the quiet street, the sound of her footsteps bounced back in the void dark . The street light turned off as she walked by and in no time, she turned on her phone’s torchlight. Meanwhile, her sandal’s strap broke, and she fall on her back. She left the broken sandal there, hurriedly got up and began to run towards her home that was at few steps in the right corner of the street. Within a while, she reached home.

“Where you have been? My heart sank to my stomach”. Her mother worriedly asked while opening the door. She couldn’t say a word because of panic and choking in her throat.

” Now Come inside! otherwise you will get sick with cold.” said her mother.

She came inside, took off her sandal and placed it on the shoe rack with the broken sandal that she left in the middle of the street and failed to notice that broken sandal was laying there and moved inside the lounge.

Author :Wajeeha Dilshad

Do you see?-I

Do you see ?
The continuity of Hues
Of reds ,greens and blues
And within these fuzzy ques
Are hidden all clues
Of His existence!
your heart will solely witness
Of what it holds inside
The eternal Bliss
And the divine Noor
To whom belongs
All colours and Hues
Do you see ?

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Nabz

This painting was presented at Young leaders Summit 2019

The Forgotten City

I left behind
All way long
So many places
And some people
Seems like it’s been ages
Dust on paths
Removed all marks
But my heart leans back
To the forgotten city
Of those people and places
But O dear Heart, Alas!
How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot
The world forgetting by the world forgot !
Ps: (last two lines are from Alexander pope’s famous poem Elosia to Abelard)

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Nabz

this painting was presented in an exhibition of emerging Pakistani artists at Youth Leadership Summit -2019. @Jinnah convention center Islamabad.

The Lost History

Within me

I can see

The lost history.

The abandoned Humans

The lost souls

In the midst of Oblivion,

Some times I see

A Grieved Old man

Mourning the fate

Of his successors.

I heard all voices

That were shun down.

And Enforced deceptive lies.

And all buried Truths.

I Witnessed the stories

Of shredded pages

Within me

I can see

The lost History.

~Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Rembrandt

Stampede Dream

Run, run and run!

Under the unfriendly scorching sun

Over the grumpy bumpy roads

No matter if it rains or snows.

Move, move and move!

Like a stream cutting mounts and slopes

Up and down back and forth

Keep rolling, rolling and rolling!

Like a pendulum bob

And there is no stop,

Until you wave the last.

Mourn, mourn and mourn!

And now shun your scream

As It’s a never-ending,

Stampede Dream!

-Wajeeha Dilshad

“An Inconvenient Truth” Documentary Review

Climate Change is one of the most pertaining issue of today’s world which is directly or indirectly impacting the natural environment setting , species, ,weather patterns , global economic system as well as our way of life.

An inconvenient truth presented by a renounced American Politician(45th vice president of the United States from 1993 to 2001 ) ,environmental enthusiast and activist” Al Gore” , who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize (joint award with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2007), a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album (2009) for his book “An Inconvenient Truth” 

Through this film, Al gore  tried to spread his message to scientific individuals ,Governments and to every common man all across the globe.The Documentary is a bit dry to listen and watch thoroughly because its more like a lecture and if you plan to watch it then make sure to get yourself some snacks and fruits to go through the whole film. Al right! getting back to review,You might be thinking why I planned to watch this film ,well ! being a Geo-Informatics Student ,I am supposed to keep myself updated to Junk science Stuff ,Well that’s not true HAHA ,I’m not this much enthusiastic ,What actually happened is that we watched this documentary as a part of our lecture at IGIS (lecture of an offered course that I’m planning not to choose as an elective HAHAHA). So ,fellas, this educational film enlists key causes, effects and solutions to Climate Change.

According to Al Gore, temperature is increasing at abnormal rate ,CO2 concentration is accelerating along with other green house gasses and this increase in concentration is contributing to Global Warming. A quick reminder for you folks that this increase in Carbon concentration is anthropogenic (man made) and you should thank your human self for this inhuman contribution.

Al Gore mentions sources of Green house gases as ; thawing permafrost,coal mining , Industrial processes ,crop burning ,Fertilization ,land transportation ,Forest burning ,Oil production ,Air transport and most importantly use of fossil fuels to obtain energy is playing a leading role in enhancing the impact of global warming pollution.Resulting consequences of Global warming are horrible to even think of , as it includes both natural and man made hazards and disasters e.g, Floods, Mudslides ,Catastrophes ,Increased incidence of extreme weather and droughts .In addition to this ,there will be a shortage of food and water resources for future generations , increasing pandemic diseases ,disputes over refuges and resources, distribution by natural disasters in regions across the globe, species extinction , abrupt rise in ocean temperature and sea levels is evident as well.

He mentioned the major historical hurricane event Katrina near
southeastern United States  as a consequence of global warming.

Al Gore furthermore frightens us by explaining the long term impacts ,which are even more devastating in nature.Long term impacts include political instability, melting  glaciers, Famine, Water Scarcity, Ocean acidification, Loss of infrastructure , and then there will be increasing number of Climate Refuges.

At the End,he pointed out some possible solutions to this mighty problem named as Climate Change. Solutions like this problem aren’t easy to implement maybe that’s why the film is named as an inconvenient truth as it doesn’t seems to be convenient to handle and resolve global warming issues and consequences ,not convenient for every person to accept the fact that “climate change is real” .

Apart from these inconveniences, Solutions suggested by Al Gore can somehow reduce the intensity of these long term impacts.

Al Gore emphasized on the usage of renewable energy resources to reduce carbon emissions and green house gases concentration .He mentions that Germany and other countries are already working on the implementation of this solution in order to achieve sustainability.

This documentary could be more powerful if more options for actions and implications were suggested for general public .What I found is that this documentary fails to come up with sustainable approaches to be adopted at individual level .Apart from this , the message of the documentary that “Climate Change is real with a call to action ” has been communicated efficiently with the help of engaging slideshow .

This documentary is an eye opener for some and others consider it as some sort of conspiracy theory .I totally recommend watching this documentary . and if anyone have watched this before then do share your reviews in comment section 🙂

Happy Blogging!

Wajeeha Dilshad

Bygone memories of 2018

Travelling is out of routine kind of thing, full of adventures and enthusiasm but when you got to travel on daily basis over bumpy roads of Pindi and Islamabad with a head full of chaos instead of mindful thoughts, then it becomes no less than a horrible nightmare. Anyway Last night I came back home late, as usual, greeted homies had my dinner and then I started evaluating all those answers that I wrote on final exam paper today. Soon I came to this conclusion that it’s of no use to estimate marks as whatever I wrote was completely insane. (HAHAHA) .I decided to sleep with an instant thought “I will overview for the next exam by tomorrow”. In the very next moment, I was fast asleep.

The next morning, I woke up with this wonderful greeting card (made by my elder sister “IQRA”) placed aside my bed

I was surprised as I forget It was the last night of 2018 and overwhelmed at the same time “woah! what a lovely start of 2019”.

2018 was a life-changing year for me. Started this blog. Met so many wonderful people, raised voice for kids through our campaign and then moved to another city to chase my dreams.

Everything was going fine and fantastic but then, suddenly came the most heart-wrenching time that filled my heart with lifelong grief and emptiness when my Grand Father passed away. He will be missed. . May Naan Abu’s soul rest in eternal peace Ameen!

A poem written by my younger sister in the memory of my Late Grand Father

No words can heal this woeful heart but patience and time.

With such a heavy heart I moved ahead and got back to my university routine

Life is hard and cruel but you got to get through all seasons of life.

My resolution for 2019 is simple and that is to add more to myself by becoming more thankful, more happier, more  focused, more organised,content, more practical and to become more of Myself.

That’s all for now Fellas! Wishing you all a Happy new year 🙂

A virtual trip to Cabo de Palos

Here is another addition to my mapping stuff. Cabo de Palos antique map printed on this mighty mug. I never bought any of these as I’m not a shopping freak, Moreover, people around me are more map-obsessed than me HaHa!So my twin mate Amna gifted this mug with an antique and classic map of Cabo de Palos on it. This place is basically located in Spain. It is part of a small range of volcanic mounts that form a small peninsula, which is a wonderful travel destination for travel enthusiasts but I being a GIS enthusiast can only take the whole trip virtually all across the globe within minutes or can console my heart by having all of this mapping stuff as gifts.

So My dear Siblings! I hope next time you gift me a ticket rather than mapping collection. 😂😀

Photo by wajeeha

“The Pulp of Grapefruit “

Somewhere outside the physical reality of this world, I was devising impractical and silly approaches in my mind to solve my problems, while cleaning up the mess around myself. In the midst of this, I was interrupted by a voice coming from the drawing room.”Come here Wajeeha, I have something to show you”.
I hurriedly ran to reach there by taking long footsteps to see what my cousin sister ” Iqra” wants to show me.
Me: “What happened? ”
Iqra: Have a look at the “Grapefruit Pulp ” she replied while eating up a chunk of it.
Yes, I just ran and got myself out of my hypothetical journey for this “Grapefruit Pulp”.But to my surprise, looking at those tiny juicy packets locked together wasn’t a usual experience. There was something exceptional about looking insanely at the pulp rather than eating it up. Both of us sat together and started pondering on its beautiful asymmetrical arrangement, health benefits of grapefruit and then ended up eating almost all grapefruits at Home.
Life sometimes feels like a never-ending treadmill but the truth is things in it can’t always be symmetric just like these pulps and its the beauty of it. Things can’t always go according to your to-do list. As long as you find wonderful people in your life , who fill up your world with enteral Sunshine . The asymmetric pulps alone are nothing but together they form juicy treat of delicious chunks and chunks in turn form the whole symmetric fruit .

So be thankful for the wonderful people around you .And if things don’t work out then Relax ,Enjoy Grapefruit pulp and let the things go the way they are!

Photo by Wajeeha

Happy Blogging!


Wow! It’s November! time flies so fast. Especially when everything is so much messed up. Anyway, part of Life. Life? Well, something that is totally unpredictable and everything in it is unreliable. No one knows what’s coming ahead. We have developed latest technologies to predict what might happen the very next day, even with a precision of very next hour or min, like weather forecasts apps keep us updated about weather conditions, News and Media broadcasts the whole world with the notion” our channel is the first that tells what’s next?” .We live our lives based on predictions; from a small label of the Expiry date on eatables to huge machines with a one-year money back warranty or either 10 years guaranty. And if I talk about durability, AH!! Molty Foam pops up in every Pakistani’s mind. Yes, Dawlance is reliable but not humans, ironic right!

We think of everything all around to be very orderly, classy and organized but we don’t think of our inner selves to be this much configured. Our hearts are perplexed, broken and are not synchronized to our mind and body. Because we are always so concerned and worried about our future. And in the next moment clock sticks 12:00 am and the present is gone. Welcome to the next episode of your tuned future of perplexity.

The Answer to our anxieties and problems isn’t in the Future, it’s in the Past. you might be wondering why I didn’t say “Present”? Well! I suggest you keep on reading my insane blog post. We can’t cut ourselves off from our Past, it made us whatever we are today because we are the tomorrow of our History. Finding out Why you came to this World? You will definitely look back by turning the pages of History. Our Past or Forever gone History is very inevitable to understand our Present and Future. Take a moment and look back to your forefathers, how they tackled with problems, pondering on their sacrifices will give you strength to bravely tackle your problems, of course, you cannot live with old mode of life, that’s the demand of time, but you belong to your History. I would like to add more to this by referring to Our Great Historic Eastern Poet Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who emphasized youth to look back into History saying:


Have ever you pondered, O Muslim youth, On deep and serious things?

What is this world in which this you is only a broken star?

You came of a stock that nourishes you In the close embracing of love,

A stock that trampled underfoot Dara who wore the crown.

Whenever I get my self in trouble, I look back into History and I think of troubles that our forefathers faced during that time with no or very least facilities. I think of those hardships that our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions faced throughout. Lived with no food, no roof on the head, without basic needs for almost 3 years in the open ground under the scorching sun. I belong to them. how can I lose hope? You can go through this too. Just be Patient!

So, don’t live only on predictions as this only build fears and unending chaos. All that is needed is to synchronize your Past with your Present, and future will get synchronized automatically. Follow the good part of your Past and try to change the bad one by doing good today, because you are going to make a History for Tomorrow. So, why not make a good one?

Let’s make a History today!

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Into the Bazaar

Into the bazaar,
Huge voices coming afar
Vendors and hawkers all around
Calling out loud;
Come here Sister and Just look!
“Babloo” bananas and juicy apples
Sister! that must be one of your staples
I passed by looking over food stalls
Heading on next and pondering on calls
Enormous vegetables and fruits
Of different sizes, colours, and hues
Buyers bargaining and Vendors negotiating
I amusingly found this bazaar truly enchanting

Wajeeha Dilshad

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