Time-Lapse (2017 vs 2018)

It was the same month a year ago, but a quite different situation, I got myself out of the most hectic but the most cheerful time of my life, as I was just about to complete 4 years of grad life at the University of Gujrat. My heart belongs to this place. Still, I miss every bit of it, the Majestic Views, Campus life, Hayatians, Cafeterias, Bus life, Societies (though those were the oddest and funniest kind of adventurous experiences ), My department and the moments spent with my friends and fellows. Sigh!

Right after graduation, I was so much happy and relaxed, Oh man ! can’t believe I just completed the most thrilling yet prolonged studious phase, I felt so much content that I didn’t bother to think ” What next thing should Ido ?” I wanted to enjoy that contented phase by staying at home with my family and wasn’t ready to do any further thing. I guess most of the fresh grads go through this, not all may be a few, Well I don’t know, as I saw some of my proactive fellows getting enrolled for masters, some entered in their professional field by getting their desired jobs, some got married and some were like me living with the motto “whatever comes, embrace it, Whatever goes Damn just let it go!” LOL.

Few months passed and I begin to realize that I should do something to explore more of this contentment as there is more to life, there might be something, not any kind of job but something that I can offer to the people all around. That’s how the voices came back (an inner writer who was lost somewhere in the chaos of life ) and I started this blog, Later, I along with my sister Aamna started our CAAP initiative. And I begin to walk on the road of self-discovery and personal development.

Things begin to become clearer when you look deeply into it, and I have to look deep to grab those precious pearls rather than pebbles. Time has its own way to reveal things to show you what is the best suited for you, And then the time arrived, to grab those pearls.

The same month, a year after, I’m doing my masters in Remote Sensing and GIS here at NUST IGIS (School of Civil and environmental engineering ) , I am so much enthused by maps, geography, gis, and my thirst to deeply understand GIS technology brought me here by the grace of Almighty Allah.

A deja vu moment as I felt August and September are truly months of change, the best time to bring positive long-lasting life-changes, I can totally relate to this because things might not remain the same, there would be ups and downs,I know that It’s not going to be an easy journey, I am trying to store and gain all of my energies to move ahead . I can see bumpy roads , and some smooth pathways as well. but you got this Wajeeha! All the best it’s your journey! (Note to self )

here is a time-lapse view of how my life is going on these days!

Happy Blogging!

-Wajeeha Dilshad


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