“Falling in the Fall”


Hello, world! I have been thinking of capturing some cool autumn photographs for this Autumn blog post but here I am posting this hello October greeting in a python interface. -Weird! Right! But its kinda thematic, as right now, I am like an autumn leaf accumulated with horrifying pythonistic nightmares that have fallen down in such a cold Programming course here at IGIS! so my apologies for this cold pseudo-code greeting!

So, I found a poem writing code in python from an internet resource. I copied and then I just assigned some random adjectives, noun and verbs and program after execution came up with the following poetic form !and yes! This program exactly portrays my current situation “I’m falling! Falling in the fall! LoL

the falling autumnfall program

All the best!

To whomever;

“Falling in the fall”

As there are ;

many more things coming ahead!

Just like OHT (Exam)

Gotcha my batch mate πŸ˜€

All the best!

Wajeeha Dilshad

Note: There is nothing wrong in falling down! Just be patient and make sure to get back up ()):

Print “Happy Blogging!”


4 thoughts on ““Falling in the Fall”

      1. Please don’t make robots poets, though. AI is already threatening jobs like some forms of journalism – so we definitely don’t need them roaming into the creative realm.

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