“The Pulp of Grapefruit “

Somewhere outside the physical reality of this world, I was devising impractical and silly approaches in my mind to solve my problems, while cleaning up the mess around myself. In the midst of this, I was interrupted by a voice coming from the drawing room.”Come here Wajeeha, I have something to show you”.
I hurriedly ran to reach there by taking long footsteps to see what my cousin sister ” Iqra” wants to show me.
Me: “What happened? ”
Iqra: Have a look at the “Grapefruit Pulp ” she replied while eating up a chunk of it.
Yes, I just ran and got myself out of my hypothetical journey for this “Grapefruit Pulp”.But to my surprise, looking at those tiny juicy packets locked together wasn’t a usual experience. There was something exceptional about looking insanely at the pulp rather than eating it up. Both of us sat together and started pondering on its beautiful asymmetrical arrangement, health benefits of grapefruit and then ended up eating almost all grapefruits at Home.
Life sometimes feels like a never-ending treadmill but the truth is things in it can’t always be symmetric just like these pulps and its the beauty of it. Things can’t always go according to your to-do list. As long as you find wonderful people in your life , who fill up your world with enteral Sunshine . The asymmetric pulps alone are nothing but together they form juicy treat of delicious chunks and chunks in turn form the whole symmetric fruit .

So be thankful for the wonderful people around you .And if things don’t work out then Relax ,Enjoy Grapefruit pulp and let the things go the way they are!

Photo by Wajeeha

Happy Blogging!


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