Bygone memories of 2018

Travelling is out of routine kind of thing, full of adventures and enthusiasm but when you got to travel on daily basis over bumpy roads of Pindi and Islamabad with a head full of chaos instead of mindful thoughts, then it becomes no less than a horrible nightmare. Anyway Last night I came back home late, as usual, greeted homies had my dinner and then I started evaluating all those answers that I wrote on final exam paper today. Soon I came to this conclusion that it’s of no use to estimate marks as whatever I wrote was completely insane. (HAHAHA) .I decided to sleep with an instant thought “I will overview for the next exam by tomorrow”. In the very next moment, I was fast asleep.

The next morning, I woke up with this wonderful greeting card (made by my elder sister “IQRA”) placed aside my bed

I was surprised as I forget It was the last night of 2018 and overwhelmed at the same time “woah! what a lovely start of 2019”.

2018 was a life-changing year for me. Started this blog. Met so many wonderful people, raised voice for kids through our campaign and then moved to another city to chase my dreams.

Everything was going fine and fantastic but then, suddenly came the most heart-wrenching time that filled my heart with lifelong grief and emptiness when my Grand Father passed away. He will be missed. . May Naan Abu’s soul rest in eternal peace Ameen!

A poem written by my younger sister in the memory of my Late Grand Father

No words can heal this woeful heart but patience and time.

With such a heavy heart I moved ahead and got back to my university routine

Life is hard and cruel but you got to get through all seasons of life.

My resolution for 2019 is simple and that is to add more to myself by becoming more thankful, more happier, more  focused, more organised,content, more practical and to become more of Myself.

That’s all for now Fellas! Wishing you all a Happy new year 🙂


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