From a long time, I am trying to assemble the broken pieces of my heart. It is no more same as before. Layer by layer it has gone through series of transformations. With each raising wave, every incident devastating or pleasant, each person either nice or cynical and by fortunate or unfortunate my all skimped dreams and desires unknowingly reshaped it wholly. I never knew it’s working wonders inside; that all this destruction is building up something extra ordinary in a very ordinary way. But at the same time, it has destroyed the very own part of me which I never imagined of losing. Without my consent, it turned me up into an individual unknown to myself. The noises that always made me scream out loud doesn’t bother me anymore. I have learned the artsy of assembling the pieces into mosaics. I still don’t know what I am becoming and maybe I might never figure that out. Neither do I know the extent of unbotheredness. All I know is that It will keep on expanding, shrinking and fragmenting and I will keep on mosaic-king until it breaks apart. That will be the loudest noise breaking all noises inside my head and everyone would be screaming out loud except my unbothered self.  

Author: Wajeeha Dilshad

Art by Iqra Tehreem

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