The Friendliest Enthusiast in the Coffee Shop

Near a coffee shop in the Ru de Forum, he sat quietly at the corner of the street ,looking at the flickering stars over the dark blanket of night, nearby buildings ,people ,and the antique yellow lanterns in the cafe which added more beauty to the visual contrast of the dreamy night in his imagination . He murmured”the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.” , and straightway painted the scene with the intensifying and contrasting yellow -orange and violet -blue strokes. He is no one but the most famous Dutch Painter “Van Gogh “. The man who fell in love with the starry nights and stars .

Van Gogh’s Painting ” The café terrace “

The most enthusiastic painter in the History who devoted his life for his passion of painting .

I was scrolling over facebook and I saw a writing prompt post by Writer’s Write .The prompt generator derives title from the zodiac sign , name initial and date of birth .Ain’t it a fun way of generating writing prompt? Haha !

Well what I got out of it is “The Friendliest Enthusiast in a Coffee Shop” This writing prompt reminded of Van Gogh’s famous painting on which I was experimenting to paint few days ago. So, I thought to write about this painting. And according to me, it is justified to call Van Gogh as “The Friendliest Enthusiast in the Coffee shop”. Friendliest Expositor of Nature ,life, people. and the most bold and enthusiastic Painter , who never failed to bring life in the static objects on canvas through his unique painting style.

I like this painting a lot because of it’s beautiful use of contrasting colors and of course the splendid night view portrayed wonderfully .

I loved the darker part of the painting with buildings and starry sky .

Here is what I’ve tried to replicate a part of it behind the coffee shop .

share your views of what you think about this friendliest enthusiast .

Happy Blogging

Wajeeha Dilshad

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