Hajj Pilgrimage Map Story

As last month of Islamic year “ZilHajj is going on and today is 18th of Zil Hajj. A month of divine blessings in which the Hajj pilgrimage takes place from 8th -13th of Zilhajj. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is obligatory to perform Hajj at least once in lifetime. I […]

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Best of CAAP Moments

“In the Name of Allah ,  the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful” Our Non- Profit  Social campaign “Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention”that we started few months ago, Alhamdulillah! Up till now we have covered major schools from our hometown “Sarai Alamgir “here is a map that I designed to show our campaign progress. Some travel snapshots we […]

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Cartography is ancient art and science of map making. Throughout the ages, maps are being used as a tool for trade, exploration and for developing strategies for military, states and empires expansion. Eratosthenes (Greek)Ptolemy(Roman), Muhammad Al –Idrisi & Peri Reis(Muslims) are among the most renounced map makers from the past. they developed different techniques and […]