Wow! It’s November! time flies so fast. Especially when everything is so much messed up. Anyway, part of Life. Life? Well, something that is totally unpredictable and everything in it is unreliable. No one knows what’s coming ahead. We have developed latest technologies to predict what might happen the very next day, even with a precision of very next hour or min, like weather forecasts apps keep us updated about weather conditions, News and Media broadcasts the whole world with the notion” our channel is the first that tells what’s next?” .We live our lives based on predictions; from a small label of the Expiry date on eatables to huge machines with a one-year money back warranty or either 10 years guaranty. And if I talk about durability, AH!! Molty Foam pops up in every Pakistani’s mind. Yes, Dawlance is reliable but not humans, ironic right!

We think of everything all around to be very orderly, classy and organized but we don’t think of our inner selves to be this much configured. Our hearts are perplexed, broken and are not synchronized to our mind and body. Because we are always so concerned and worried about our future. And in the next moment clock sticks 12:00 am and the present is gone. Welcome to the next episode of your tuned future of perplexity.

The Answer to our anxieties and problems isn’t in the Future, it’s in the Past. you might be wondering why I didn’t say “Present”? Well! I suggest you keep on reading my insane blog post. We can’t cut ourselves off from our Past, it made us whatever we are today because we are the tomorrow of our History. Finding out Why you came to this World? You will definitely look back by turning the pages of History. Our Past or Forever gone History is very inevitable to understand our Present and Future. Take a moment and look back to your forefathers, how they tackled with problems, pondering on their sacrifices will give you strength to bravely tackle your problems, of course, you cannot live with old mode of life, that’s the demand of time, but you belong to your History. I would like to add more to this by referring to Our Great Historic Eastern Poet Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who emphasized youth to look back into History saying:


Have ever you pondered, O Muslim youth, On deep and serious things?

What is this world in which this you is only a broken star?

You came of a stock that nourishes you In the close embracing of love,

A stock that trampled underfoot Dara who wore the crown.

Whenever I get my self in trouble, I look back into History and I think of troubles that our forefathers faced during that time with no or very least facilities. I think of those hardships that our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions faced throughout. Lived with no food, no roof on the head, without basic needs for almost 3 years in the open ground under the scorching sun. I belong to them. how can I lose hope? You can go through this too. Just be Patient!

So, don’t live only on predictions as this only build fears and unending chaos. All that is needed is to synchronize your Past with your Present, and future will get synchronized automatically. Follow the good part of your Past and try to change the bad one by doing good today, because you are going to make a History for Tomorrow. So, why not make a good one?

Let’s make a History today!

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Book Review” The Happiest Woman in the World”

The pursuit of happiness or the idea of just being happy is something that concerns all of us.Sadly we relate our happiness with worldly things .We want everything in life with 100% perfection.And when this doesn’t happen ,we start comparing our lives with others ,sometimes we let the society do this for us .It took me so long to understand the fact that life isn’t going to be perfect always.We should accept the lot that we have been given in life ,with whatever limitation have been decreed for us, because as the saying goes , the grass isn’t always greener on the other side

My brother Haseeb (who is fond of reading books) gifted me a book Titled: “You can be the happiest woman in the world”A Treasure Chest of Reminders .

The thing that I liked about this book at first glimpse is the title itself ,I felt like the Author is addressing me by saying you can be the happiest woman in the world. This book is truly a portable magic ,that draws reader’s attention through its wonderful layout full of convincing phrases ,quotations ,motivating stories from the past and inspiring passages written in the light of Quran and Hadith.

This book is a translated version (Translated by Huda Khattab) and Originally it is written by an Arabic Islamic Scholar “Dr Aid Al Qarni”

The Author has used a very simplistic approach to address every Muslim woman either she is a student, a working woman ,a mother or a house wife .This book is truly a treasure chest of gems of faith ,hope and enlightenment for everyone who feels depressed and burdened with many worries .

I’ve benefited a lot from this book .Whenever I feel lost I just sit back and open up this book and each word written in it works like a healing drug ,I mean just read the words and a self healing process ignites in your heart.

Here is my favorite passage from this book:

You are better off than millions of women

Think of the world as a whole, of the hospitals filled with patients who have been stricken with disease and calamity for many years, and the prisons in which thousands of people are held behind bars, their lives and pleasures ruined, and the asylums and hospitals which accommodate people who have lost their minds and have become insane.
Are there not poor people living in tattered tents and havels, who cannot find a bite to eat? Are there not women who have been stricken with calamities that took away all their children in a single accident? Or women who have lost their sight or hearing, or whose arms or legs have been amputated, or who have lost their minds, or who have been stricken with chronic diseases?
But you are sound in body and in good health, living a life of tranquility, security and contentment. So give thanks to Allaah, the Exalted, All-Merciful, for His Blessings and do not waste your time with things that are not pleasing to Him, sitting for hours in front of satellite TV with its cheap, nasty and follish content that makes the heart sick and causes depression, and makes the body lethargic.

Though this book may not attract the profound readers because of its short passages but this book is worth reading .A perfect gift for anyone specially from a son to his mother ,from a brother to his sister and from Parents to their daughters 🙂


The dirt in the Air

The dirt in the air

Here and there roaming in despair

Clouded with a droplet rushing in mist

The waterdrop screamed on sudden hit

Oh, nasty dirt! how do you dare?

To take away my form all crystal clear

Pardon me I lost my place; the dirt replied

Once I was on land with all charm and delight

But one day the wind blew too hard

And caught me up in its mighty claws

From that day I never landed back

I’m just a dust particle with no mass

O dear droplet don’t be so harsh

Can’t you see my wounds and scars?

The suspended droplet began to fall down

My dear I will take you to the ground

Now you are a part of this polar dab

So, neither cry and nor be sad

Soon the droplet hugged the surface

Adsorbed itself within the soil preface

Dirt embraced the homies with eternal bliss

The droplet evaporated as the sun kissed

If I tell you the way towards right place

Only is the death of thyself in all grace

(Wajeeha Dilshad)

Journey to the core of Mind


Ever realized why you couldn’t get out of bed early in the morning? You turn off ringing alarm or leave it on snooze. Then you walk inside your kitchen to treat yourself with a healthy breakfast, meanwhile figuring out in mind to fill up your platter with fruits and all good veggies and guess what? Here you go for an appetising “Aloo Wala Paratha” along with “Karak Chai” Ah! I was supposed to eat something healthy and refreshing “Inner Voice”

On your way to work, you suddenly start moving in wrong direction, actually not wrong, it might lead you towards your favourite café or somewhere you most occasionally used to visit. A moment of long awkwardness What the hell I’m doing here? and you are late again for your work.

You finally made some serious decisions to change your life. But you end up living your life the same way as before. Most of your tasks remain incomplete and you are always the one struggling to finish everything on deadline.

That’s my life’s story. Every day is a struggle to bring a change in my life style, either it’s a matter of getting organized, getting fitter or to get all things done on time. As I realised I am not achieving desired results.Still I wake up late in morning, not eating much healthier and I hardly remember anything.

Things need to be channelised in an appropriate way and my thoughts need to be filtered as my mind is filled up with countless unfinished thoughts and stories all the time ( long chain of self-conversation continues ).

So, from where these thoughts keep on circulating all the time even in conscious state of mind?

Let’s resolve this mindful mystery through a hypothetical journey to our complex mind.

Our mind is composed of 3 parts as you can see in the figure bellow


Source: The Mind Unleashed

Conscious mind constitutes for only 10% that we use to govern most of our tasks with all focus and concentration. If it’s only 10% then I might be using only 0.0001% of it (laughs inside). just like a tip of iceberg ,conscious mind is what others perceive our state of mind .On the other hand, Subconscious mind covers 50- 60% of human mind. In the context of psychology, subconscious mind is responsible for our reactions to most of our actions. Some of our recent memories reside here for some time. Subconscious mind redirects our conscious mind to take actions.

If we keep our subconscious filled up with lots of thoughts, recent memories all the time, it blocks communication between conscious and subconscious mind, as a result of which, we keep on doing the same things, we get distracted on our way and find it hard to make life decisions as we get interrupted by past experiences, failures, which builds up obstacles in our way to adopt new things or to bring any change in life.

Source: The mind Unleashed

Now let’s move towards the last but not the least: The Unconscious Mind, that make up 3040 % of our mind. According to psychology, Unconscious mind is our deepest part, Amm! just like Mariana trench the worlds deepest oceanic ridge. Our very friendly fears, beliefs, and life’s most horrible or traumatic events reside here forever. Your thoughts develop here in your unconscious mind.

Digital Art by Hassan

Our conscious mind need directions from unconscious mind, but what if our subconscious is stuck all the time with the traffic of countless thoughts? How the directions from your unconscious would be channelised if your thoughts in subconscious keep on building walls in its path ?

All that is needed is to free ourselves from our mind monsters ( thoughts) ,we need to clear our subconscious with unnecessary thoughts and fears, so that your conscious mind can communicate with unconscious part.

“As I walked out the door to the gate that will lead to my freedom, I knew that if I didn’t leave my hatred and bitterness behind, I’d still be in prison.”-Nelson Mandela

Reinforce your faith, generalize your thoughts, just like a cartographer generalizes a map to decide which features to be represented on it in order to create a well defined aesthetic map.

Regain your energies back through Prayers and Mediation in order to focus on the important things in your life. And among these important things, the foremost one is “YOU”. Appreciate yourself every day, Be thankful for the small things in your life. The more positive you become, more you attract abundance in your life. The only key to adopt healthy habits and new changes in life is to free yourself from the prison of your mind.Stop letting your fears and useless thoughts to wander freely in your subconscious.Then you would be able to work with clear conscience. Your mind will become your reminder.

-Wajeeha Dilshad


“Socrates: Have you noticed on our journey how often the citizens of this new land remind each other it is a free country?
Plato: I have, and think it odd they do this.
Socrates: How so, Plato?
Plato: It is like reminding a baker he is a baker, or a sculptor he is a
Socrates: You mean to say if someone is convinced of their trade, they have
no need to be reminded.
Plato: That is correct.
Socrates: I agree. If these citizens were convinced of their freedom, they would not need reminders.”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

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