Do you see?

Do you see ? The continuity of Hues Of reds ,greens and blues And within these fuzzy ques Are hidden all clues Of His existence! your heart will solely witness Of what it holds inside The eternal Bliss And the divine Noor To whom belongs All colours and Hues Do you see ? -Wajeeha Dilshad […]

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The Forgotten City

I left behind All way long So many places And some people Seems like it’s been ages Dust on paths Removed all marks But my heart leans back To the forgotten city Of those people and places But O dear Heart, Alas! How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot The world forgetting by the world […]

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The Lost History

Within me I can see The lost history. The abandoned Humans The lost souls In the midst of Oblivion, Some times I see A Grieved Old man Mourning the fate Of his successors. I heard all voices That were shun down. And Enforced deceptive lies. And all buried Truths. I Witnessed the stories Of shredded […]

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Stampede Dream

Run, run and run!Under the unfriendly scorching sunOver the grumpy bumpy roadsNo matter if it rains or snows.Move, move and move!Like a stream cutting mounts and slopesUp and down back and forthKeep rolling, rolling and rolling!Like a pendulum bobAnd there is no stop,Until you wave the last.Mourn, mourn and mourn!And now shun your screamAs It’s […]

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Into the Bazaar

Into the bazaar, Huge voices coming afar Vendors and hawkers all around Calling out loud; “Come here Sister and Just look! “Babloo” bananas and juicy apples Sister! that must be one of your staples“ I passed by looking over food stalls Heading on next and pondering on calls Enormous vegetables and fruits Of different sizes, […]

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I’m right and, You are also right! Right is right Right? Still there is something that Isn’t really right. Alright! One is Your Truth And one is mine Truth is truth That’s True? Which truth is truly true? Your’s or mine? Not yours ! Not even mine But Our truth Is the One and Only […]

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Before Now

I don’t know you Of what You have become Now. But I know the person that, You were before Now. And Now, You are like everyone else in the Crowd Passing by with someone on the same road. And I am still standing here! Waiting for you to look back, So that I can show […]

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And She sacrifices, Almost Everything. The Bad , To push the stones far way. And the Good, To see the Divine light , Just to find a way. Back to “HIM”. The ONE and Only “ONE”. (Wajeeha Dilshad)

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Still Young and Alive

Pitter Patter! Raindrops Shatter. As she hesitantly strikes, The floor with her wrinkled feet. Gazing at furious clouds above, Those weary eyes could feel. Her very own juvenile self, Deep down in heart, Still young and alive. (Wajeeha Dilshad)

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The dirt in the Air

The dirt in the air Here and there roaming in despair Clouded with a droplet rushing in mist The waterdrop screamed on sudden hit Oh, nasty dirt! how do you dare? To take away my form all crystal clear Pardon me I lost my place; the dirt replied Once I was on land with all […]

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CHAOS Vs Peace (2)

To hear the hopeful divine voices, To see the light at the end of tunnel, I kept ears and eyes opened wide I kept on moving long straighway all day and night. And in the middle of the night, I seek refuge from melancholic vibe blinked my eyes to catch your sight , But you […]

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Peace vs Chaos (1)

Hearing noisy echoes Looking desperately at the never-ending unpaved track Moving long straightway Don’t your feet feel numbness? In the middle of the night Regrets and Sorrows, adjoin you And grab you deep down in melancholy Doesn’t your soul feel suffocated? -Wajeeha Dilshad

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