” The Prisoner “

A prisoner was brought in the Lock,
How frail! This man looks like a willow wild!
Whispering each other ,
One of them cried, O I’ ve heard

He is  accused for writing absurd.
Better if he forgets ,
of what freedom feels  like,
As from now this dark cell is his world.
The prisoner replied  to  the mocking folks
I have only  been locked behind the walls,
But how less you know
Of what Freedom feels like ,
It enslaves me before they do so.
Meandering through my blood
Freedom is fed endlessly to my soul
You think of me as a willow wild! 
But how less you know
Im the weirdo bloody dragon ,
And the Darkness is my candle .
I burn the lies on paper
And scratch the  absurd truth out of pen,
But How less you know
Freedom enslaves me before they do so
-Wajeeha Dilshad

Dragon tree

Do you see?-II

I asked thyself

a thousand times

why these hues ,

Of reds, greens and blues

keeps me inbound ,

and makes me whirl along it’s sound

round and round ?

As ,I’m neither saint nor dervish

I declare ,I know nothing

but these hues behold clues

Of His existence

And your Heart will solely witness

Of what it holds inside

The eternal bliss

And the divine noor

To whom belong

All colors and hues?

Do you see?

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Wajeeha Dilshad

Do you see?-I

Do you see ?
The continuity of Hues
Of reds ,greens and blues
And within these fuzzy ques
Are hidden all clues
Of His existence!
your heart will solely witness
Of what it holds inside
The eternal Bliss
And the divine Noor
To whom belongs
All colours and Hues
Do you see ?

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Nabz

This painting was presented at Young leaders Summit 2019

The Forgotten City

I left behind
All way long
So many places
And some people
Seems like it’s been ages
Dust on paths
Removed all marks
But my heart leans back
To the forgotten city
Of those people and places
But O dear Heart, Alas!
How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot
The world forgetting by the world forgot !
Ps: (last two lines are from Alexander pope’s famous poem Elosia to Abelard)

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Nabz

this painting was presented in an exhibition of emerging Pakistani artists at Youth Leadership Summit -2019. @Jinnah convention center Islamabad.

The Lost History

Within me

I can see

The lost history.

The abandoned Humans

The lost souls

In the midst of Oblivion,

Some times I see

A Grieved Old man

Mourning the fate

Of his successors.

I heard all voices

That were shun down.

And Enforced deceptive lies.

And all buried Truths.

I Witnessed the stories

Of shredded pages

Within me

I can see

The lost History.

~Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Rembrandt

Stampede Dream

Run, run and run!

Under the unfriendly scorching sun

Over the grumpy bumpy roads

No matter if it rains or snows.

Move, move and move!

Like a stream cutting mounts and slopes

Up and down back and forth

Keep rolling, rolling and rolling!

Like a pendulum bob

And there is no stop,

Until you wave the last.

Mourn, mourn and mourn!

And now shun your scream

As It’s a never-ending,

Stampede Dream!

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Into the Bazaar

Into the bazaar,
Huge voices coming afar
Vendors and hawkers all around
Calling out loud;
Come here Sister and Just look!
“Babloo” bananas and juicy apples
Sister! that must be one of your staples
I passed by looking over food stalls
Heading on next and pondering on calls
Enormous vegetables and fruits
Of different sizes, colours, and hues
Buyers bargaining and Vendors negotiating
I amusingly found this bazaar truly enchanting

Wajeeha Dilshad


I’m right and,

You are also right!

Right is right


Still there is something that

Isn’t really right.


One is Your Truth

And one is mine

Truth is truth

That’s True?

Which truth is truly true?

Your’s or mine?

Not yours !

Not even mine

But Our truth

Is the One and Only truth

The divine .

(Wajeeha Dilshad)

All that isn’t mine but is mine

I want to forget,

All that isn’t mine but is mine .
All that ,
Made my heart go catastrophic.

All and All that is ;
The Sufferings of my beloved.
My beloved homeland ,people and places .
Little kids dying ,People crying,
And all those above us ,Fooling & lying.
I feel bad and worried lest,
For all uncredited virtues and acts.
And all souls brutally beaten to death
All that isn’t All that my beloved!
What about those dreams and aims?
That are being killed by terror,
That soft terrorism!
All that ,isn’t now enoughism?

All that isn’t all that I am writing

Words can’t do justice for all that.

How can I get rid of this “All that “?
All that isn’t mine but is mine!

(Wajeeha Dilshad)
#poem #agonies #sadness #Litetature .

Before Now

I don’t know you

Of what You have become Now.

But I know the person that,

You were before Now.
And Now,

You are like everyone else in the Crowd

Passing by with someone on the same road.

And I am still standing here!

Waiting for you to look back,

So that I can show You,

The “You”Before Now!

(Wajeeha Dilshad)

Painting by Leonid Afermov

Still Young and Alive

Pitter Patter!
Raindrops Shatter.
As she hesitantly strikes,
The floor with her wrinkled feet.
Gazing at furious clouds above,
Those weary eyes could feel.
Her very own juvenile self,
Deep down in heart,
Still young and alive.

(Wajeeha Dilshad)

Painting by Chantal Urquiza

The dirt in the Air

The dirt in the air

Here and there roaming in despair

Clouded with a droplet rushing in mist

The waterdrop screamed on sudden hit

Oh, nasty dirt! how do you dare?

To take away my form all crystal clear

Pardon me I lost my place; the dirt replied

Once I was on land with all charm and delight

But one day the wind blew too hard

And caught me up in its mighty claws

From that day I never landed back

I’m just a dust particle with no mass

O dear droplet don’t be so harsh

Can’t you see my wounds and scars?

The suspended droplet began to fall down

My dear I will take you to the ground

Now you are a part of this polar dab

So, neither cry and nor be sad

Soon the droplet hugged the surface

Adsorbed itself within the soil preface

Dirt embraced the homies with eternal bliss

The droplet evaporated as the sun kissed

If I tell you the way towards right place

Only is the death of thyself in all grace

(Wajeeha Dilshad)

CHAOS Vs Peace (2)

To hear the hopeful divine voices,
To see the light at the end of tunnel,
I kept ears and eyes opened wide
I kept on moving long straighway all day and night.
And in the middle of the night,
I seek refuge from melancholic vibe
blinked my eyes to catch your sight ,
But you were neither here nor there .
Faded away before I could stare and share .
That’s how Chaos built up inside,
Suffocated soul , enchanted melancholic mind
Yet my dreamy eyes still long for your sight .

~Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Miroslaw Chelchowski

Ps.(reply to previous post peace vs Chaos (1))


Peace vs Chaos (1)

Hearing noisy echoes

Looking desperately at the never-ending unpaved track

Moving long straightway

Don’t your feet feel numbness?

In the middle of the night

Regrets and Sorrows, adjoin you

And grab you deep down in melancholy

Doesn’t your soul feel suffocated?

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Karina Llergo Salto

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