From a long time, I am trying to assemble the broken pieces of my heart. It is no more same as before. Layer by layer it has gone through series of transformations. With each raising wave, every incident devastating or pleasant, each person either nice or cynical and by fortunate or unfortunate my all skimped dreams and desires unknowingly reshaped it wholly. I never knew it’s working wonders inside; that all this destruction is building up something extra ordinary in a very ordinary way. But at the same time, it has destroyed the very own part of me which I never imagined of losing. Without my consent, it turned me up into an individual unknown to myself. The noises that always made me scream out loud doesn’t bother me anymore. I have learned the artsy of assembling the pieces into mosaics. I still don’t know what I am becoming and maybe I might never figure that out. Neither do I know the extent of unbotheredness. All I know is that It will keep on expanding, shrinking and fragmenting and I will keep on mosaic-king until it breaks apart. That will be the loudest noise breaking all noises inside my head and everyone would be screaming out loud except my unbothered self.  

Author: Wajeeha Dilshad

Art by Iqra Tehreem

“The Pulp of Grapefruit “

Somewhere outside the physical reality of this world, I was devising impractical and silly approaches in my mind to solve my problems, while cleaning up the mess around myself. In the midst of this, I was interrupted by a voice coming from the drawing room.”Come here Wajeeha, I have something to show you”.
I hurriedly ran to reach there by taking long footsteps to see what my cousin sister ” Iqra” wants to show me.
Me: “What happened? ”
Iqra: Have a look at the “Grapefruit Pulp ” she replied while eating up a chunk of it.
Yes, I just ran and got myself out of my hypothetical journey for this “Grapefruit Pulp”.But to my surprise, looking at those tiny juicy packets locked together wasn’t a usual experience. There was something exceptional about looking insanely at the pulp rather than eating it up. Both of us sat together and started pondering on its beautiful asymmetrical arrangement, health benefits of grapefruit and then ended up eating almost all grapefruits at Home.
Life sometimes feels like a never-ending treadmill but the truth is things in it can’t always be symmetric just like these pulps and its the beauty of it. Things can’t always go according to your to-do list. As long as you find wonderful people in your life , who fill up your world with enteral Sunshine . The asymmetric pulps alone are nothing but together they form juicy treat of delicious chunks and chunks in turn form the whole symmetric fruit .

So be thankful for the wonderful people around you .And if things don’t work out then Relax ,Enjoy Grapefruit pulp and let the things go the way they are!

Photo by Wajeeha

Happy Blogging!

Beyond Independence

So it’s 14th of August ,A historic day for our beloved homeland “Pakistan”. As the countdown starts ,dizzying display of fireworks fill up the sky in Lahore ,Karachi ,Islamabad and in different cities of Pakistan . The celebrations begin with such a wonderful view and national Anthem being played in the background (I haven’t seen it live with my eyes but on Tv screen ,so you too can imagine haha! ) .Every Pakistani celebrates the day with full enthusiasm.We as a Nation, cherish the moment by wearing all green ,eating the best food ,raise Pakistan’s flag high on our roofs ,play National songs and Anthems and the best part is getting our necks stiffed while watching captivating parade on TV screens .Meanwhile scrolling the facebook and instagram ,hitting likes and commenting on the #AZADI #Green pictures that pass through our cell phone screens as we move our thumb’s tip against it.Then you think of posting your own best shot.Opens camera “O man I look like a massi(maid) right now and being such a lazy human alive you don’t have the guts to get yourself all set just to click a good photo in couple of minutes.just leave it man” (Murmurs).Now opens WhatsApp and you get a free stock of Azadi pictures ! Oky the only option left behind is to utilize this huge stock.

So here is My Azadi stock:


“Meri pehli Azadi “My favourite one ✨ that’s my friend Mahrukh’s niece “Khirad”


Well done Ihtisham


I am Pakistan




Manto Sahab


Abu jee being Sarcastic hahaha




This how an average Pakistani girl celebrates her independence haha! I’m not sure about everyone but to some extent I might be right.

Point is that we celebrate the day but not the History ,and to celebrate the History we have to think beyond our ideology of independence.

Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us. ~Muhammad Ali Jinnah



-Wajeeha Dilshad

The dirt in the Air

The dirt in the air

Here and there roaming in despair

Clouded with a droplet rushing in mist

The waterdrop screamed on sudden hit

Oh, nasty dirt! how do you dare?

To take away my form all crystal clear

Pardon me I lost my place; the dirt replied

Once I was on land with all charm and delight

But one day the wind blew too hard

And caught me up in its mighty claws

From that day I never landed back

I’m just a dust particle with no mass

O dear droplet don’t be so harsh

Can’t you see my wounds and scars?

The suspended droplet began to fall down

My dear I will take you to the ground

Now you are a part of this polar dab

So, neither cry and nor be sad

Soon the droplet hugged the surface

Adsorbed itself within the soil preface

Dirt embraced the homies with eternal bliss

The droplet evaporated as the sun kissed

If I tell you the way towards right place

Only is the death of thyself in all grace

(Wajeeha Dilshad)

Journey to the core of Mind


Ever realized why you couldn’t get out of bed early in the morning? You turn off ringing alarm or leave it on snooze. Then you walk inside your kitchen to treat yourself with a healthy breakfast, meanwhile figuring out in mind to fill up your platter with fruits and all good veggies and guess what? Here you go for an appetising “Aloo Wala Paratha” along with “Karak Chai” Ah! I was supposed to eat something healthy and refreshing “Inner Voice”

On your way to work, you suddenly start moving in wrong direction, actually not wrong, it might lead you towards your favourite café or somewhere you most occasionally used to visit. A moment of long awkwardness What the hell I’m doing here? and you are late again for your work.

You finally made some serious decisions to change your life. But you end up living your life the same way as before. Most of your tasks remain incomplete and you are always the one struggling to finish everything on deadline.

That’s my life’s story. Every day is a struggle to bring a change in my life style, either it’s a matter of getting organized, getting fitter or to get all things done on time. As I realised I am not achieving desired results.Still I wake up late in morning, not eating much healthier and I hardly remember anything.

Things need to be channelised in an appropriate way and my thoughts need to be filtered as my mind is filled up with countless unfinished thoughts and stories all the time ( long chain of self-conversation continues ).

So, from where these thoughts keep on circulating all the time even in conscious state of mind?

Let’s resolve this mindful mystery through a hypothetical journey to our complex mind.

Our mind is composed of 3 parts as you can see in the figure bellow


Source: The Mind Unleashed

Conscious mind constitutes for only 10% that we use to govern most of our tasks with all focus and concentration. If it’s only 10% then I might be using only 0.0001% of it (laughs inside). just like a tip of iceberg ,conscious mind is what others perceive our state of mind .On the other hand, Subconscious mind covers 50- 60% of human mind. In the context of psychology, subconscious mind is responsible for our reactions to most of our actions. Some of our recent memories reside here for some time. Subconscious mind redirects our conscious mind to take actions.

If we keep our subconscious filled up with lots of thoughts, recent memories all the time, it blocks communication between conscious and subconscious mind, as a result of which, we keep on doing the same things, we get distracted on our way and find it hard to make life decisions as we get interrupted by past experiences, failures, which builds up obstacles in our way to adopt new things or to bring any change in life.

Source: The mind Unleashed

Now let’s move towards the last but not the least: The Unconscious Mind, that make up 3040 % of our mind. According to psychology, Unconscious mind is our deepest part, Amm! just like Mariana trench the worlds deepest oceanic ridge. Our very friendly fears, beliefs, and life’s most horrible or traumatic events reside here forever. Your thoughts develop here in your unconscious mind.

Digital Art by Hassan

Our conscious mind need directions from unconscious mind, but what if our subconscious is stuck all the time with the traffic of countless thoughts? How the directions from your unconscious would be channelised if your thoughts in subconscious keep on building walls in its path ?

All that is needed is to free ourselves from our mind monsters ( thoughts) ,we need to clear our subconscious with unnecessary thoughts and fears, so that your conscious mind can communicate with unconscious part.

“As I walked out the door to the gate that will lead to my freedom, I knew that if I didn’t leave my hatred and bitterness behind, I’d still be in prison.”-Nelson Mandela

Reinforce your faith, generalize your thoughts, just like a cartographer generalizes a map to decide which features to be represented on it in order to create a well defined aesthetic map.

Regain your energies back through Prayers and Mediation in order to focus on the important things in your life. And among these important things, the foremost one is “YOU”. Appreciate yourself every day, Be thankful for the small things in your life. The more positive you become, more you attract abundance in your life. The only key to adopt healthy habits and new changes in life is to free yourself from the prison of your mind.Stop letting your fears and useless thoughts to wander freely in your subconscious.Then you would be able to work with clear conscience. Your mind will become your reminder.

-Wajeeha Dilshad


“Socrates: Have you noticed on our journey how often the citizens of this new land remind each other it is a free country?
Plato: I have, and think it odd they do this.
Socrates: How so, Plato?
Plato: It is like reminding a baker he is a baker, or a sculptor he is a
Socrates: You mean to say if someone is convinced of their trade, they have
no need to be reminded.
Plato: That is correct.
Socrates: I agree. If these citizens were convinced of their freedom, they would not need reminders.”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

Peace vs Chaos (1)

Hearing noisy echoes

Looking desperately at the never-ending unpaved track

Moving long straightway

Don’t your feet feel numbness?

In the middle of the night

Regrets and Sorrows, adjoin you

And grab you deep down in melancholy

Doesn’t your soul feel suffocated?

-Wajeeha Dilshad

Painting by Karina Llergo Salto

Let it bloom

Blows the thaw-wind pleasantly,
Drips the soaking rain,
By fits looks down the waking sun:
Young grass springs on the plain;
Young leaves clothe early hedgerow trees;
Seeds, and roots, and stones of fruits,
Swollen with sap put forth their shoots;
Curled-headed ferns sprout in the lane;
Birds sing and pair again.

Photo by Isabel Davis

There is no time like Spring,
When life’s alive in everything,
Before new nestlings sing,
Before cleft swallows speed their journey back
Along the trackless track –
God guides their wing,
He spreads their table that they nothing lack, –
Before the daisy grows a common flower
Before the sun has power
To scorch the world up in his noontide hour.

-Rossetti’s bittersweet

What a whimsical poetry by Rossetti’s bittersweet which beautifully symbolises the arrival of Spring .With new beginnings ,everything Reforms ,the cold dead land rejuvenate into green bed of grass,snow melts down allowing the surface bellow to breathe.Trees and shrubs begin to blossom again .Birds cheerfully sing the spring song and welcomes spring with open arms.

birds welcoming spring
Photo by Isabel Davis

Photo by Wajeeha Dilshad

How beautifully these pink roses in my home are blooming in the golden sun.

“The naked earth is warm with Spring, and with green grass and bursting trees leans to the sun’s kiss glorying, and quivers in the sunny breeze.”-Julian Grenfell

Meanwhile my eyes got sight of a flower that wasn’t blooming along with it’s’s petals were leaning down with a lot of wrinkles and buraises on its soft,delicate walls and edges. it was evident that the petals haven’t enjoyed the full bloom thoroughly. It made me anxious about what could be the reason behind its witherness?


To solve this uncertain perplexity ,I came up with some assumptions :

  1. Maybe the sun rays haven’t being so friendly with its delicate appearance.
  2. Or the fastly blowing wind had stroked it really hard and blown away some of its petals.
  3. It might be a touch receptor of human or any other minute creature that made it not to bloom . as according to a research , plants respond to negative and positive stimuli . Moreover they remember the touch stimuli for upto 40 days.
  4. Maybe the flower is vulnerable to its surrounding or it’s about to complete its life span.

whatever the reason behind the fadedness and dullness,it has ruined the charm of rose ,and the whittered flower is trying hard to stay up there on its frail stem.

But one thing is clear that it is never the adjoining flowers that made it to fade away as;

“A flower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to just blooms”-Zen shin

Being the most prestigious among all creatures,we the humans, tries to compete with other humans .Instead of being comfortable in our own self ,we disrespect our individuality by comparing ourselves with others.

Don’t worry if your aren’t in right place .if you are not blooming like other flowers in this mighty global garden ,because;

“Every flower blooms at a different pace.”
Suzy Kassem,

“The lilac branches are bowed under the weight of the flowers: blooming is hard, and the most important thing is – to bloom. (“A Story About The Most Important Thing”)”
Yevgeny Zamyatin

Let yourself bloom and let others bloom.Lets spread peace in this global garden with the fragrance of love, admiration,appreciation and acceptance of each other.

Wajeeha Dilshad

Digital Art by Tekin Ture

Thankyou .


Sun rising over heavens ,

With it’s rays falling on the floating clouds,

Sun Shines! Enhances beauty of sky and its dazzling light slowly but steadily clears darkness..

And on reaching Earth ,gives life to deadly land ,spreading around everywhere..and every thing looks so elegant ,clear and new ,as like there were no signs of darkness before.

As I think about wonders of nature, Subconsciously I whispered! Goodness of heart, courtesy,politeness are also like the shining sun rays coming from depth of heart,spreading smile over faces ,healing the broken,helping the needy and celebrating the life ..

Yes, I mumbled!

Wonders exist in ourselves.

Nature is within us and We are sunshine

~Wajeeha Dilshad.

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