Fly before the Sun sets!

“Go back in the misty winds , fly away from this strange land to place you came from .You never belonged to this place” .I have been trying to fit in but they  racistly say  “you are  not the face of this society. Your voice,words ,and actions will never receive any recognition. Your darkling face with sparkling eyes ,oh you think it will brighten your way ??Nay ! Sunsets are yours by destiny.  Go away and fly before the sun sets.”I kept hearing those words for a while, then I decided to fly ,not away,but above the sky, and there I will wait till the dawn.  I will come back with another sunrise. This land is bestowed to us by the Gracious God.I may not belong to the inhabitants of this land, but to the sun and the moon,the winds and the soil . I will come back for sure!and this land will stand by my side .You and the world altogether will see !
~Wajeeha Dilshad

Maybe Someday

We were laying on a rough mighty rockstone looking down at the breathing campus.
Fatima said to me: “Wajeeha yar how good it would be to wander around the whole city . We will hike over the mighty trails , mountains .” I murmured to myself: What if we have to take ride ,i might not be able to enjoy the journey because of motion sickness.”
Fatima:”Wajeeha say something”
Me: “Yes fatima ,it would be great to look at the whole city from the top of mountain.”
“We may plan and go  someday …”
Someday …..!!!!!!

Vangogh inspired Digital Art ~Wajeeha Dilshad

That Broken Sandal

“Oh No! I never got this much late ” She anxiously thought while checking on her cell phone’s home screen clock that stuck 12: 00 Am. Walking through the quiet street, the sound of her footsteps bounced back in the void dark . The street light turned off as she walked by and in no time, she turned on her phone’s torchlight. Meanwhile, her sandal’s strap broke, and she fall on her back. She left the broken sandal there, hurriedly got up and began to run towards her home that was at few steps in the right corner of the street. Within a while, she reached home.

“Where you have been? My heart sank to my stomach”. Her mother worriedly asked while opening the door. She couldn’t say a word because of panic and choking in her throat.

” Now Come inside! otherwise you will get sick with cold.” said her mother.

She came inside, took off her sandal and placed it on the shoe rack with the broken sandal that she left in the middle of the street and failed to notice that broken sandal was laying there and moved inside the lounge.

Author :Wajeeha Dilshad

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