“An Inconvenient Truth” Documentary Review

Climate Change is one of the most pertaining issue of today’s world which is directly or indirectly impacting the natural environment setting , species, ,weather patterns , global economic system as well as our way of life.

An inconvenient truth presented by a renounced American Politician(45th vice president of the United States from 1993 to 2001 ) ,environmental enthusiast and activist” Al Gore” , who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize (joint award with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2007), a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album (2009) for his book “An Inconvenient Truth” 

Through this film, Al gore  tried to spread his message to scientific individuals ,Governments and to every common man all across the globe.The Documentary is a bit dry to listen and watch thoroughly because its more like a lecture and if you plan to watch it then make sure to get yourself some snacks and fruits to go through the whole film. Al right! getting back to review,You might be thinking why I planned to watch this film ,well ! being a Geo-Informatics Student ,I am supposed to keep myself updated to Junk science Stuff ,Well that’s not true HAHA ,I’m not this much enthusiastic ,What actually happened is that we watched this documentary as a part of our lecture at IGIS (lecture of an offered course that I’m planning not to choose as an elective HAHAHA). So ,fellas, this educational film enlists key causes, effects and solutions to Climate Change.

According to Al Gore, temperature is increasing at abnormal rate ,CO2 concentration is accelerating along with other green house gasses and this increase in concentration is contributing to Global Warming. A quick reminder for you folks that this increase in Carbon concentration is anthropogenic (man made) and you should thank your human self for this inhuman contribution.

Al Gore mentions sources of Green house gases as ; thawing permafrost,coal mining , Industrial processes ,crop burning ,Fertilization ,land transportation ,Forest burning ,Oil production ,Air transport and most importantly use of fossil fuels to obtain energy is playing a leading role in enhancing the impact of global warming pollution.Resulting consequences of Global warming are horrible to even think of , as it includes both natural and man made hazards and disasters e.g, Floods, Mudslides ,Catastrophes ,Increased incidence of extreme weather and droughts .In addition to this ,there will be a shortage of food and water resources for future generations , increasing pandemic diseases ,disputes over refuges and resources, distribution by natural disasters in regions across the globe, species extinction , abrupt rise in ocean temperature and sea levels is evident as well.

He mentioned the major historical hurricane event Katrina near
southeastern United States  as a consequence of global warming.

Al Gore furthermore frightens us by explaining the long term impacts ,which are even more devastating in nature.Long term impacts include political instability, melting  glaciers, Famine, Water Scarcity, Ocean acidification, Loss of infrastructure , and then there will be increasing number of Climate Refuges.

At the End,he pointed out some possible solutions to this mighty problem named as Climate Change. Solutions like this problem aren’t easy to implement maybe that’s why the film is named as an inconvenient truth as it doesn’t seems to be convenient to handle and resolve global warming issues and consequences ,not convenient for every person to accept the fact that “climate change is real” .

Apart from these inconveniences, Solutions suggested by Al Gore can somehow reduce the intensity of these long term impacts.

Al Gore emphasized on the usage of renewable energy resources to reduce carbon emissions and green house gases concentration .He mentions that Germany and other countries are already working on the implementation of this solution in order to achieve sustainability.

This documentary could be more powerful if more options for actions and implications were suggested for general public .What I found is that this documentary fails to come up with sustainable approaches to be adopted at individual level .Apart from this , the message of the documentary that “Climate Change is real with a call to action ” has been communicated efficiently with the help of engaging slideshow .

This documentary is an eye opener for some and others consider it as some sort of conspiracy theory .I totally recommend watching this documentary . and if anyone have watched this before then do share your reviews in comment section 🙂

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Wajeeha Dilshad

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