Travel &Landscape Photography πŸ“·


Thoon village, Sarai Alamgir

Upper Jhelum Canal view ,Thoon road

Upper Jhelum canal view

Upper Jhelum canal view, Sarai Alamgir

Even the sky mimics flowing river.(UOG)

Friendly Tree

That’s my friend who was always there to lessen my tiredness every day near buses site ..I used to hang my bag on it’s arm while on the other side i stood along it with my back facing the rough bark ..I miss you more than this place ..(UOG)

Hafiz Hayat Shrine

swaying too and fro,they are telling secrets

Khanaspur KpK Pakistan

My travel gadgets.(All are gifted πŸ’œ)

scenic view of KpK

At Ayubia KpK

Ayubia, KpK Pakistan

Rotten leaves ..

Beautiful view of settlement @Khanspur

Astonishing view

Wandering on the slopy roads of Khasnpur Town

Kashmir Point,Murree

View of Uog after continuous rainfall

Somewhere @Mall Road, Murree


Youth Hostel

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