Presenting “PILES of Clay” |Now open for Sale

Tiny, rounded ,carefully crafted beads of soil laid upon each other along the seedbeds .And some sandy mounted hilly structures that you might have seen in your home garden. Yes, I”m talking about the natural structures built up by the most underestimated architects of nature casually named as “Ants”

A photo of piled up soil beads taken by me along the seedbed in my house. .

You might be wondering why I am writing about these ant nests and soil structures? Well ! Lets break the curiosity in your head .

These ant beads and mounted sandy hills grabbed the attention of a ceramic design student from SADA- University of Gujrat .Huda Amjad keenly observed and studied these peculiar structures and came up with an idea of creating unique ceramic home decor items and organic planters.

Her thesis work “PILES OF CLAY “received huge recognition and hits.

Ant Hill Decor Master Pieces

Organic Planters

Her work is alive on web and is ON SALE Now!

For pricing and more Information ,visit her official Ceramic design website at ” Piles of Clay ” or simply comment your queries below .

Happy blogging!

Wajeeha Dilshad

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